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Our parents hold the keys to success in the spiritual world

Our parents hold the keys to success in the spiritual world! We all need a little luck now and then! Not lots of questions that will end up making us doubt ourselves. And I wish my son or daughter the best of luck!That's when they set our souls or spirits free.❤️❤️💯🔥📯🔮

It's good for everyone else to know your children's gifts so that when they grow up, everything in the spiritual world favors them!

Our parents are the reason some of us suffer because they don't know the real us! And what do they bring to this world?🤒

And I've realized that the evil people keep on confusing them spiritually so that they will never support you in your spiritual life.

Your parents need to set you free spiritually and get to know the real you. Ignorant parents slaughtered so many innocent souls.They unwittingly subject their children to witchcraft!🤒🕰️📌

Everything you try to share with them, they discuss with your aunts, sisters, or friends. You show them respect by not keeping secrets from them when you are seeking help.

But they end up ruining everything in your life! Yes, it's good. We must respect our parents, but somewhere in the spiritual world, they don't have to know or be involved.

It's your spiritual war! You were chosen for that! And God knew you'd triumph in the end!You just need support and love from your parents, that's all!♥️❤️

To avoid being betrayed by your own parents! Have your own secrets, and believe in God and your ancestors.They've got your back and they will never disappoint you!❤️🕰️📌💯

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