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Why parent should encourage their children's mistakes for better learning

Children are very insecure, curious and at the same time vulnerable. The vulnerability is what makes them to be making series of assiduous mistakes and that will require much time from their parent to get it corrected.

The mistake could be a minimal one or at the same time a serious one that will consume little or much resources. However, most children who are always afraid of failing and making mistakes are often much less creative and intelligent, as creativity and intelligence are bound to elicit a certain amount of failed attempts before it can said to be perfect or closer to perfection.

Thus, instead of most parent to be criticizing the failures and mistakes of their children, it could be better for them to be teaching them that failure is normal, expected, and nothing to be afraid of, and a way to be moving on and on for brighter future.

In life, the lesson was that, the less one is afraid of making mistakes, the more likely one would be to try something new and come up with untested ways of approaching a problem.

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