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How people reacted to this controversial article, who comes first "kids or your partner? Opinion

This is a very good article, it is just that a lot of people in the comment section have a misunderstood the article. Children come because of the two people that are in love, because of a mother and a father. Parents make the kids, but the kids do not make the parents, that is why the Bible would say, "obey your mother and your father, so that your days may be prolonged on earth.

The Bible is actually saying that, it is God first and second your parents. Now it is very much important for a couple to make each other happy. The happiness of the father or the mother matters to the kids.

If any one of them is traumatized, it automatically traumatizes the kids. So when the mother or the father are prioritising each other, which makes them a happy, it makes their kids happy which means for the kids to feel the love of the parents, the parents themselves they have to love each other.

For the kids to be able to be in a comfortable home, the parents themselves have to love each other, so that their home can be warm for the kids. That's what the article is a saying, that is why it is important for you to prioritize your wife, prioritise your husband, that's how I understood it.

Thank you

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