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They Said That I'm Pregnant At 6, My Father Woke Up One Morning And Abandoned Me - Little Girl Tells, an emotional video posted on Facebook, describes how people thought she was pregnant at an early age, completely forgetting the pain she experienced during her pregnancy.

 Her mother, who spoke on her behalf, said: "Fortunately, the young girl was enrolled in kindergarten during her ordeal with the authorities. At first, she had a stomach ache, according to her mother. One day the mother complained that her daughter had just returned from school with a stomach ache. “We thought she had diarrhea and bought some medicine to stop it,” she said. Members of our community thought that a pregnant woman had a miscarriage and that she was pregnant.

 Her mother said she knew the story, but she denied it. Months earlier, she had been told that her son was suffering from suicidal ideation. The doctors and nurses spent every penny they received on her care, but they showed no signs of improvement. One day when her father could not cope, he seemed to be on his way to work one morning, but he was not at work. He left behind his dying wife and daughter.

 After documenting the girl's plight in a documentary, they were saved by God's grace. The video was posted online to help people with your medical expenses assist and encourage people to watch the film and donate money. People were overjoyed when they returned to save their lives with the generous donations of generous individuals. As he knelt down and thanked the organization, his mother's joy never wavered. She was relieved that she was healed and that she could return to normal.

 In prayer, I believe that Almighty God will heal this little boy from the disease that is slowly killing him; Nothing is impossible for God, and I think He will put a smile on the face of this child because of His intervention. Please pray for her.

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 Instead of healing, it is important to maintain social distance, wear face masks, and wash your hands with hygiene.

 Source - Facebook page

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