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Pregnancy period

Skeem Saam: See how Mantuli will react to Pretty's pregnancy


After being through a lot it seems Mantuli's life will finally get back to normal, she had to adjust to staying on a wheelchair after she was shot by Meiki and she almost lost her life. In order for her to recover peacefully her brother had to take her in back in the rural areas, she had to stay there for a longtime so that she can recover without the fear that Meiki would come back again and attack her. Nothing is predictable when it comes to Meiki Maputla and living while looking at her back was something Mantuli could never survive considering that she was still recovering from a huge blow. Visiting her place of birth really did her good in her recovery process as she was able to recover without being stressed. She got shocked after she noticed that she can stand on her on.

This means that in no time she will start walking and get back her previous life. On the other had Kwaito and John are on the same page for the first time and they will try to have a father and son relationship. This means that peace us about to be restored in the Seakamela house, however a huge blow will catch them unexpectedly. Pretty's pregnancy will ruin the happiness in Mantuli's house and the fact that Lehasa is the father will even make matters worse. Her attempt to get abortion will fail and her family will find out about the pregnancy.

This will leave Mantuli shattered considering his she has worked to see her children succeed, Pretty is only 21 and now expecting a child with an older man who wants nothing to do with her which means she will have to put her studies on standstill while she prepares to be a parent. After learning about thus news Mantuli will explode as she will confront Lehasa about the pregnancy. Knowing Mantuli she will say lehasa took advantage of Pretty as she never ever takes responsibility for her actions.So this case will be no different as he will blame Lehasa for everything, the big question is that will Lehasa acknowledge the pregnancy or he will think that Mantuli and her family just want to cause problems for her just like they always do.

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Mantuli Skeem Saam


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