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Look at how people reacted when I added her fingerprint to my phone so she could access it at any

On Twitter, a man named Bongza said that he was putting his fingerprint on his phone so that it could unlock at any moment. Some folks were taken aback by this and reacted in various ways. One of these individuals claimed that the fact that he needs to give his information and that he needs to share his personal phone with someone who has their own phone, data, and airtime shows that he is striving to demonstrate his trustworthiness. Someone inquired about his health, Korobela. This individual assumed that this lady employed muthi to get access to this guy's phone. According to Abafaba bam'nandi, this might be a mind game. She stated that she had access to her boyfriend's phone but that she seldom used it unless she was checking on their meal delivery.

Zethu stated that her boyfriend did this and that the baby's mom sent images of their kid to her, but she was unaware of this. Someone informed him that he substituted candles for red flags. According to this individual, a misspelled word might mislead people.

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Abafaba bam'nandi Bongza Korobela Zethu


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