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I Did It For My Mom | man demolished his mother's house and built her a new one

There are many ways in which people show appreciation to their parents, and for this guy, he thought he would build his mother a new house. In most cases where people build houses for their parents, you would find that they did not have a proper house or a very small house, but it is a bit different here because his mother had a house, he just wanted an upgrade

The first step he did was to demolish the old house, I am not sure whether he demolished the entire house or whether he left some part of the old house to be extended to the new house

The second step was to build the new house, you can see from the pictures that home made block bricks were used, I also think some of the bricks from the demolished house were also used here. At this point you would not be able to guess how the house would look like when it is complete

But after the house was completed, you can clearly see how stunning the house is, this is a true upgrade and his mother must be really proud


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