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UPDATE | Department Of Gauteng Social Development Says Mother Of 'Tembisa Decuplets' Isn't Missing.

The Department Of Gauteng Social Development says the mother of the "Tembisa decuplets " has reached them after a missing individual's case was opened. "The Gauteng Branch of Social development wishes to affirm that the mother of the decuplets isn't missing," it said in a proclamation on Friday evening. A South African lady has now entered the Guinness Book of world records by bringing forth ten children simultaneously.

Gosiame Thamara Sithole, effectively a mother to six years of age twins, brought forth seven sons and three daughters, detailed by the local media on June 07 which before long turned into a record for the greatest number of infants conveyed at a solitary time. Not exclusively is this birth story interesting, but at the same time, it's something that has been dubbed " a miracle"!

This birth has been affirmed by the Guinness World Record and specialists, this is the new record of biggest live births all at once. It broke the prior record set in May by Halima Cisse, in Morocco, who is a mother to nine children, five daughters, and four sons.

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