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'See Why This Babys Picture is Getting Reactions From People (Pictures)

We're all aware that newborn babies are as smooth as glass when they first arrive. We are aware that their skin is smooth and sensitive, and that they have little or no hair on their skin, except for the hair on their head and brows. 

Perhaps this is why people were surprised because I've never seen a newborn look quite like this before. It's unusual to see a baby with a full head of hair. As you can see, this infant has sideburns, which many macho adults wish they had. A baby with hair on the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet. 

This five-month-old baby already has a lot of hair on his or her head. To be clear, this assumes that his parents do not decide to cut his hair before he reaches the age of three. 

Speaking about his parents, one or both of them must have this much hair in order for him to inherit it. In the following days, a lot of people will be discussing about this child on the internet. I'm certain he'll follow through. In any case, despite his young age, he's already doing it. 

According to experts, infants absorb a large amount of hormones from you while developing in your womb. Following birth, these hormone levels fall, resulting in a halt in hair formation. 

Do not be concerned if your baby's lanugo lasts more than a few months after delivery. For further information, speak with your pediatrician.

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