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Pregnancy period

Haibo this one is worse than the others what happened to the nose and the mouth

Pregnancy is one of the greatest things on earth, it's every women's dream to fall pregnant and carry that child, do you know the excitement people go through when they hear that their loved one Is expecting a baby. Little do they know that a lot is about to change, but then again that happens for the mother, things like look, body, and a lot more.

The pregnancy can humble you challenge have been going for months now, and people were left in stitches as they couldn't believe that in just a space of nine months someone can change so drastically, in the name of pregnancy. A lot of women took on the challenge without any fear.

It's surprising how women can be so comfortable in taking the challenge when women hate it when you tell them they are ugly. No woman wants to be seen looking ugly, some women prefer to stay in the house until the day they give birth only because they don't want people to see them.

But on this one, they were open for the challenge, and trust me of all the pictures you have seen there was this particular one that took a cup. Haibo the ugliness took a cup it even came to the point that people even said she thats not the same person.

That's the thing about pregnancy, people will not believe you when you show them your before and after pictures and tell them that's you, they will think you look like that because of the make-up. Little do they know that Make-up or no make-up pregnancy will change you and make you look like a man, more especially when it comes to the nose mouth part a lot of people noses challenge.

The nose will change from this tiny good-looking nose to a nose that looks like a monkey's nose.

Lol no wonder some men ran away during pregnancy and come back after the baby is born, some women are scary and at that time they are always moody and forever screaming they hardly smile.

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