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Pregnant and not ready to be a parent- facts about termination

This is one controversial topic where everyone feels like their views are better than the next persons. It was a topic brought up by a Twitter user BeeMagqwanti where some people with the correct information are afraid to come out as how the people might view them.

The stigma around termination of pregnancy kills young girls as they they try to get an abortion in back door clinics where there is no adequate medical treatment and that may put them at risk of never having children again or else they could even die.

This topic was also triggered by an unknown user who was asking for monetary help to go to Marie stopes hospital to get a termination. BeeMagqwanti started telling Twitter users that one can get this procedure done at public hospitals at no cost. This was new information to others who did not know that government hospitals offer this service.

Skeem Saam also highlighted the facts about getting ela termination in an episode where Pretty was set to get a back door Abortion but learnt that the place had been closed down by protesters who felt as if abortion was a sin, but this service has been passed by South African law and is a person’s choice and also a person’s right to choose what they want to do with their bodies.

We often advocate for a person to have rights to do whatever they want to do with their bodies, for people to have a right to chose what they want to wear and who they want to date be it the same sex or what but when it comes to termination we tend to shy away and be hypocrites without hearing the bases of what leads to a person to chose not to keep the child.

On Skeem Saam after Pretty found out the clinic she paid huge amounts of money, money she could not afford had closed down, she had not choice but to go to a public hospital to seek help. In the episode a nurse who was assisting her asked how far she was and told her after 12 weeks a person is not allowed to terminate. Unless you prove that you cannot afford a child, you come from a poor background or your child is a result of rape or incest, after 12weeks a termination of pregnancy is not done. Unless a child will have defects or may cause psychological harm to the mother, after 12 weeks you are not allowed to terminate in government hospitals.

Almost all government hospitals who have a gynaecology ward offer this service, if you are not sure if the hospital near you offers this service, you can visit your local clinic and be given a referral letter to a hospital who performs this services free of charge.

Instead of risking your life and your chances of getting a child again please use the services from your local hospitals. If you cannot afford private health care, please go visit your nearest clinic and hospital. We should advocate for such as many young girls lose their lives by drinking mixtures that may harm them trying to get rid of pregnancy.

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