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Infant Found Dumped In The Bush By Other Kids

People are going through a lot,depression is real and it more of a medical condition than just a emotional feeling.Some of the people's decision are severely question,image how one came to the conclusion to just dump a young innocent soul into the bushes where the people can hardly notices him/her.It is not judgement but the issue is worth of discussion.For some reasons,some of the women are experiencing the post natal depression after giving birth,the unhealthy relationships they sometime engage themselves in sometimes worsen the depression,it is quite expensive in the modern south africa to raise a child,some women are strong enough to withstand the depressive nature of their relationships with their immediate partners,while some would just take a very awkward decision like taking the baby's life or dump him/her.It is understandable that women are going through a lot,however,whatever the difficulties they are going through shouldn't be used as a permission to their awkward reactions which affects the next person.Men like women have their own issues which are very depressing,through their depression and ups and downs of life,there's no sufficient reasons that qualifies them to commit crimes.The young infant was found dumped in the bushes,it is not known how long the baby has been dumped but it was reported that he was found by the kids palying on the bushes.With so many alternatives that the dumper could have considered,he chose the one of the most awkward.There are people who are willing to adopt the babies.Life is hard and sometimes unfair but dumping a baby is not a solution,what if he was not found earlier?One could very well come to the conclusion that the dumper didn't care anymore,whether the baby dies or is found was no longer of great importance.though there are many single parents in south africa.

Why do children had to pay such a heavy price for the wrongs of the parents.

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