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A Learner Fails Exams & Blames His Pregnant Classmate. See What He Said About Them In That Board.


One of the male learners in South Africa has dropped a bombshell about ladies that are getting pregnant while they are still schooling, and it has left so many people in a wow. When you're still growing, there have been a rumor that a pregnant girl will make those who are not pregnant sleepy. There are still more people that doesn't even believe in that because they have never seen it coming towards them. Somehow you think the boys crazy because there's no way you can feel just because of someone else when you're doing good in class.

It looks like South African learners are always having plans when they are feeding at school, and they are sometimes working out. We all know that when you failed at school, your parents might get angry at you, that's why you'd have to make sure that you come up with a plan. We don't even know where we would run to because kids of a nowadays are doing things that will leave you breaking in pipes. It has been said that the boy must just accept that he had failed and stop blaming other kids that doesn't even know anything about him.

The boy's having a nerve indeed because he has managed to print out the board just so everyone can see the reason we have failed. Some people are laughing and making fun of him because they don't even believe whatever that he is saying. It looks like he is not aware that he might get himself into a problem by blaming the pregnant ladies who are in the same class with him. This is pretty clear that if you are a lady and attending the same class with that learner, this whole thing won't sit you well. Every so often we have to make sure that we check before we could do things because so many people are now regretting the things that they did without realizing that they are mistaken.

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