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The glory of the Lord that is Upon us:Millicent Mashile welcomes baby Kganya

A media personality and a TV presentor Mrs Millicent Mashile gives birth to her miracle baby Kganya. Millicent announced months ago on her social media and YouTube channels that she is pregnant. Even since then she never stopped sharing her journey. She mentioned that she prayed for years for this baby ans God answered her long waited prayers, she also was asking for a daughter and God gave her just that. What a faithful journey. The Grace of the Lord is upon us at all times and he said, ask, it shall be given unto you. We saw it manifesting in the Mashile family. The new mommy and her Twin sister Innocent Sadiki along with their beautiful 4 kids and their husbands held hands and prepared for baby Kganya. We saw them celebrating the pregnancy news, the gender reveal and preparing for baby Kganya's arrival in a beautiful and intimate baby shower.

The journey had been beautiful for Millicent and she's a living testimony of God's favour, baby Kganya's name proves it, it simply means The Grace of the Lord, the family also named her "blueberry".. Milli has since been having a glorious pregnancy, eventhough it was in the middle of the pandemic but the mommy never stopped living glorious and happy for the whole 9 months. She's also been working very heart in this whole pregnancy. It shows that mommy has the Glory of God all over her and carried it in her tummy every step of the way. She hosted the "My baby bump" show on YouTube, inviting expectimg mommies to share their different journeys in pregnancy and all those old wives tales. The show was sponsored by Portia M, mommy and baby range, age shared this exciting products with every mother who came into the show. She also apread on the magazine cover of the Batswadi magazine, heavily pregnant as she was, she looked amazing and very hot. She was very energetic though out her pregnancy and looked as beautiful as ever. She shares a lot of pictures that she took, during her pregnancy alongside her twin and kids. It was reported that baby Kganya made a grand entrance into this world on Thursday the 25 November 2021, she shared beautiful pictures of her and baby Kganya on her Instagram page and also on Baby Kganya's Instagram account. Yes account. Blueberry already has an Instagram account. The Mashile family was given strength after loosing their mother, it was supposed to be a painful moment but Kganya's presence wiped all their tears, she came just at the right time, now the Mashile's have a reason to smile and be joyous once again. Millicent was in caprw town for work when Mama Mashile passed away. She was weak but baby Kganya was there to comfort her. This child is such a star light in their lives. Even wherever Mama Mashile is, she is sure smiling seeing how her family was given comfort In such a short time after her departure.

Congratulations once again Millicent Mashile, after 11 years of waiting God did it again... ❤️❤️🎊🎊

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