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Vaccinated Parents In Shock As New Information Comes Out || See Why



It has now been months since the country has started the vaccination process in the country in ensuring the lives of South Africans are protected. This is because it has been proven by scientists that the only way to solve this pandemic problem is by vaccinating 90% of the population to save people's lives. The country has now opened another window to allow the 12-17-year-old to be vaccinated as a way to stop the spread of the virus. This is because it was suspected that children will be vaccinated and this won't be a problem.

Parents are now in shock as new information is out about vaccinating the 12-17-year-old and this information was something unexpected. This is because the government had decided that the parents don't have anything that can uphold their kids to be vaccinated.

This is because a lot of information has been spread around the social media platforms that vaccines are made to shrink the country's population. This becoming a shocker and it has been predicted to be the only factor that is making people not be vaccinated.

Today the government released an update that the parents can accompany their kids to vaccination sites and they must not deprive their children of being vaccinated. This information then means that they can advise the kids to be vaccinated and whatever happens to the kids will not be caused by the parents but only the government negligence.

The issue of basic rights has now been violated and individual people are no longer considered about the decision made by the state. This is because the state has already benefitted from this vaccine jab funds and now they are motivating others to get the vaccine jab to save lives.

What is your intake on this and why?

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