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How To Manage Staying At Home With Kids And Going To Work ad A Single Parent.

Please Mother's Help How Do You manage Staying With Your kidz And Go To Work. Life if a single parent has never been easy more especially when you have more than one child.

Getting used to not getting enough rest since you have to provide for them nd want them to be clean in a clean environment /home ,they have to eat .nd making sure thy go out /live them with people while clean nd not starving.eyy that's a lot of work dear buh we need to be strong till thy could do it them selves

Don't think I'd cope, fortunately for me I'm blessed I still have my mom he stays with her during the week and I only get to see him on weekends, I'm working as security officer ,I have 3 kids ...I'm a single parent I wake up at 4 :00am and wipe the little one and change the nappy , prepare formula bottles and wake the one that is 6 years and bath her for school and then wake the older one to bath ... it's too much but I manage nje with God's grace ....coz I manage to get to work early but sometimes yes I can't get to work early ....ei it's really two work shift.

Mantu MabandlaMantu Mabandla I always say God give me strength for these souls that you bless me with One day I know they will be my helpers.

No one choses to be a single mom, we all get in Relationships hoping to build a family and growing it, we all want our kids to grow up in a family if both parents living in the same house, life is difficult as it is and our children deserve a break if a sane family and parents getting along always for a healthy growth

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