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PiCTURE: A mother was blasted for putting her child in a bag like this

The picture of the mother is circulating on social media and people are more tha livid. What made people angry is the fact that this mother is being rackless with her child. Even though it's her child but people expected this mother to carry her child in a dignified manner, not carry her child as if she is carrying some garbage.

The picture of this mother has left several big influencers livid and they said, clearly this mother is failing dismally to carry out her responsibilities as a mother properly "Poor child doesn't have a mother" an influencer blasting this mother who put her child in a bag. Twitter users hopped into the comment section and shared how they feel about this mother putting her child in the bag like that because of alcohol "did she just put a child in that bag?" asked a Twitter user who was shocked. Some Twitter users were saying this is the result of girls getting pregnant at a very young age "Kids having babies" said a Twitter user. Some were wondering what the father of the baby will say after seeing this picture "Where is the father of the child" asked a Twitter user.

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