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Woman in labor notices doctor is acting weird – Then looks down at his feet and freezes in shock

Alexis Sims, a Las Vegas resident, traveled to Sunrise Hospital to give birth to her baby and anticipated receiving the best care possible from the staff physicians. She has video proof to support the fact that her experience was much more understated than anticipated.

In order for Alexis to give birth, her labor had to be induced, but the doctor who attended to her wasn't actually a serious medical expert. Because her primary physician was away on vacation, Dr. Frank DeLee was asked to assist with the delivery.

But Alex's mother, Sheree, claimed that she could smell alcohol on Dr. DeLee's breath as he entered the room. Dr. DeLee then began to describe how he had just returned from happy hour.

I smelled alcohol," recalled Sheree. "That's what came before the discussion about him leaving the pub. I remarked, "Oh, he smells like booze," for that reason.

The doctor didn't do anything to make her feel better as her epidural started to wear off; instead, he made fun of her weight and called her names. Who would do that?

Alexis' mother grabbed her phone and started recording the situation when things started to go south; what she filmed is genuinely disturbing.

He admitted to one of the nurses that there weren't many people in the pub when he departed.

"I apologize. Did you throw away a drink? she inquired.

Sheree then discovered something that completely astonished her: Dr. Lee wasn't even dressed professionally for his job; he was wearing Bermuda shorts and was barefoot!

The situation then grew worse.

I insisted that I could feel everything to the doctor. Alex remembered, "I guess the epidural wore off. "Oh just move your fat ass down," he says, adding, "Oh, I know you wish your doctor would have returned to town."

It was simply jaw-dropping, she subsequently remarked. "I just couldn't understand why all of this was happening while I was pregnant."


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