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Does Gabriella Union's child have a long lost twin?

One thing about babies is that unlike adults they will not hide their emotions for the sake of "reading the room" - if they don't feel it then they don't!

Source: Facebook

Let's take a look at a picture of a young family shoot that happened to catch people's attention when they zoomed in on the baby's facial expression when the parents were kissing.

Source: Opera Mini images

It kind of reminds us of Gabriella Unions baby Kaavia that has per sè become the "social media baby" since everyone uses her as a meme because of her facial expressions that seem like she just isn't interested nor pleased with life!

Please take your time to compare these two images of the babies, they do look identical right? But it is true that somewhere out there we all have someone who is not related to us at all that looks like us.

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Gabriella Unions Kaavia


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