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School Principal tells parent there is no place, but when another parent showed up he did this.

Throughout the end of last year and the beginning of this year, many people have been trying to get there children registered at different schools. While most succeeded, some were one unlucky. In one of these cases a parent claimed that a principal lied to them. Here are all the details and why he may have done this.

Their story :

In a video, recently posted to social media, which you can watch by clicking on the link below, one parent explains a sad experience She recently had at Wingen Heights school.

The parent says that She brought his daughter to the school looking to admit her into grade eight. However the principal said that there was no place. While this would be okay, the parent claims that when another parent showed up, the principal took the person into the officer and gave them a place for there child. She allegedly knows this because his daughter is friends with that child.

While it's not explicitly stated, the parent believes this happened because he was on grant and he can't afford to pay school fees. She also claims that the school didn't even give her the option of an exemption.

The implications of this :

While it understandable that schools need money to function, lying to parents face seems uncalled for. The principal could have told the parent the truth, and the parent could have gotten financial help from one of many organisations.

I believe that lying to parents whose living in poverty and than offering a parent who has money a place for there child is cruel, especially while many South Africans are unemployed.

What do you think of this situation, was the principal right or not. Tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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