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Dloz'lami: There's double the trouble if you do not have individuality

You're not seeing double.

This week on Dloz'lami we met twin sisters who were still wearing the same outfits as each other at their grown age. From the onset it looked like there was something sinister there to me but I was NOT expecting them to have such a complicated past.

Thembi let us know that the girls used to share a husband and that their late grandmother was displeased with them.

As we know by know, Thembi comes in to consult and let's you know what your loved are saying from the great beyond. This week the grandmother was a fiery educated woman who did NOT come to play games.

She was very straightforward when chiding her grandchildren and in turn, laid their insecurities and flaws bare for them to observe. It was not easy to watch.

Their grandmother started off with bringing in a dictionary and asking the girls to read what individuality is. She acknowledged that she had made a mistake when raising them because she hadn't encouraged them to have it. She had taught them to always be together. Next, she tackled their failed marriage to their husband.

The twins had chosen to marry the same man out of desperation and had to leave him, but not after having children with him. Their grandmother used this as an example as to why they need to separate. That decision had led them down a dangerous path with a seedy man still using witchcraft to get close to them.

It was difficult to watch the girls talk about how their mother had chosen a man over them. How they relied on their connection with each other to get through life after their grandmother passed. But it wasnt the right way. Their grandmother wanted them to fix things with their mother, because that relationship cannot replicated. She can no longer pray for them.

However for me, the most important part of last night's episode was the emphasis Thembi made about consulting. The girls had been going from place to place, trying and touching things their grandmother did not approve of because of their desperation. It's such a relatable concept. When you feel like all hope is lost, like there is no way of achieving a break through. You start to act out of character. But that isn't the right way.

The girls had their grandmother wash their hands and condemn their actions. But what happens for those still hopelessly seeking? This country has placed such a heavy burden on the youth. We are all unemployed and unhappy. Is there truly another way out of the doom and gloom?

Alas, the parting words were a lesson for the twins. To correct their mistake and not raise their own girls the way they had been.They did ask for some leniency where the separation was concerned which made a little sense. A twin connection probably runs deeper than most people understand. It might take time to start living individually.

In closing, their grandmother told them not kneel at their grandmother's grave. She wanted them to just sit with her and have a picnic. It sounds like she was a very wholesome person in life and remains like that in death.

What did you think of this weeks episode?

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