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Muvhango - Does KK actually have what is takes?

Muvhango - Does KK actually have what is takes?

At the point when KK (MacDonald Ndou) discovered he had a developed child he didnt know about, he showed a side of himself nobody knew existed: mindful, friendly, strong. Not the underhanded and manipulative KK we as a whole knew.

In any case, when Kgosi (Tebatso Mashishi) as of late frustrated KK by giving him over to the police, accepting that he killed somebody, it appeared to be the dad and child relationship was ruined acceptable. In any case, blood is thicker than water.


This issue, Kgosi is captured, and KK drops everything, including his new life lecturing the expression of God, to save his child. Be that as it may, before he crosses back to the clouded side, he says a petition for his child to be returned securely and afterward he enlists men to track down Kgosi.

KK profoundly cherishes his child, yet the test currently is that their relationship is on a rough edge due to how they finished things. KK doesnt know precisely where to begin searching for Kgosi, clarifies MacDonald.

MOVING Heaven and earth

In Johannesburg, the courageous dad investigates every possibility to track down Kgosi. Furthermore, it seems like his petition has been replied when he hits a fortunate turn of events and discovers where Kgosi is being held hostage and he educates his thugs to safeguard him.

Indeed, KK is a changed man, yet he actually has contacts in the hidden world. KK never used to go about his messy responsibilities himself; he generally recruited individuals to do it for him, clarifies the entertainer.

Be that as it may, KK gets the shock of his life when his colleagues return without Kgosi, on the grounds that they fear his ruffian, an infamous hoodlum. What's more, interestingly, KK should get his own hands messy.

KK prepares and goes straight into the lions lair to confront his children ruffians. He shows up similarly as Kgosi is going to be given a pill that will kill him. Then, at that point, KK amazes even his child when he haggles with the ruffians that he take the pill rather than Kgosi. KK has done awful things in his day to day existence.

His child actually has a future in front of him. KK would prefer to kick the bucket so he can give his child a future, clarifies MacDonald. Also, after a sorrowful farewell, KK takes the pill.

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