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Educating our children about the importance of knowing their HIV status

HIV(Human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that can be transmitted through blood and fluids. Different tests are used to check for the presence of the virus which includes antibody tests, PCR, blood tests etc. It is very important for parents to sit their children down and teach them about the virus as they grow older. Knowing ones HIV status is very important because it allows you to know where you stand when it comes to the virus, whether you are HIV positive or HIV negative. That allows you to know whether you have to start taking your treatment to live longer, and also prevents a person from reaching the Aids stage. Parents must teach their children about condoms and HIV testing with partners as they become sexually active. We all know that when we start being intimate for the first time we normally don't use a condom but let's advice them to go for couple testing before engaging in sex. HIV testing after every three months is important when you start being sexually active to know where you stand, so that when it happens that you got infected during the three months you can just start your medication to boast your immune system and help fight the viral replication of HIV. Let's educate our kids about the virus, in order to break the cycle of HIV

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