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This Is How Other Parents Use Chilli To Descipline Kids

As much as we adore little kids, the gift we receive from God, as parents we are responsible to descipline and teach them. In most cases children will always use their hands as their first sensory organ, followed by their mouth.

What ever they touch, if it doesn't cause any pain then it's good for the stomach, it will end in their mouths. A parent recently posted on Facebook how she descipline her children. In the picture the little innocent kid can be seen, sitting on the floor, surrounded by chillies fruits. From the pirture you can see the end results,as the little one picks one chilli to his mouth.

Unfortunately for the little kid, it seems there is no one who symphathise with him on comments. This is what people said about the little kid 's situation "🍿🍿 patiently waiting for him to cry", others said "Sometimes u hav to teach them young".

And someone said "It will end in tears 😭😭😭😭😭", and surely it ended in tears, but the lesson was learned. It will surely stuck with the kid! 

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