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France Came Up With a Law to Protect Women Who Breastfeed in Public

According to studies, breast milk is crucial for newborns. Breastfed newborns have a better immune system, fewer illnesses, and are less likely to be hospitalized. Breastfeeding, on the other hand, remains a contentious topic. Breastfeeding mothers face criticism and abuse when they do so in public.

We'd like to highlight a new regulation passed by the French government that protects women who choose to breastfeed in public.

The new law will fine breastfeeding obstructors.

Previously, there was no regulation prohibiting breastfeeding in public places in France. Despite the lack of a direct restriction, women who breastfed in public faced discrimination. However, it appears that this is beginning to change. The French National Assembly recently proposed the creation of a law that would penalise people who interfere with breastfeeding. The effort to prohibit a woman from nursing will be treated as a crime, with offenders facing a punishment of €1,500 ($1,780).

The law was critical for the safety of women.

After another terrible event with a mother breastfeeding in public while waiting in line, the need for this regulation became evident. She was breastfeeding her infant when she was insulted by a woman in line behind her. Malis, the mother, found the bravery and strength to speak out about her ordeal on the internet. Her story went viral, forcing the authorities to address the problem.

Its goal is to transform the way people think about breastfeeding.

The law aims to influence people's perceptions of breastfeeding and how they treat breastfeeding mothers. According to this new law, the government is about to teach employees who work in public spaces.

“It's also vital to raise awareness and train people who work in public places,” says one of the bill's sponsors.

The legislation, however, safeguards not just people who labor in public spaces, but also society as a whole. It will demonstrate that breastfeeding does not constitute indecent exposure. "It's a terrible to have to write this, but [breastfeeding] women are nearly universally accused of," she continues.

Many people are in favor of public breastfeeding as well.

In my opinion, no opinion is required. Eating is the most frequent human experience, second only to breathing. It's no more surprising to see a newborn eat than it is to see an adult consume a burger. And babies are more likely than adults to go hungry. / Quora / Craig Good

They're doing something entirely natural, and it's exactly what breasts were designed for. I don't believe women should be required to cover up, thus I have no ill will toward a lady who does not. Would you like to dine with a blanket slung over your shoulders? In the summer, why not wrap yourself in a blanket? Couldn't that be a health issue due to overheating?

People who can't leave a lady alone who is doing nothing but feeding her infant are the ones who irritate me the most. Rachel Powell / Quora

Every woman, in my opinion, should be able to do it without feeling ashamed or unpleasant about it, or without being stopped. It is far more vital for her to feed her child than it is for her to listen to the opinions of socially unfit people. Carlos López / Quora 

Do you think it's okay for people to breastfeed in public?


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