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Why Parents Don't Buy Their Boy Child 'Baby Dolls' And Their Girl Child A Set If Cars?

That would actually go a long way in developing men's EQ. It would make the world a better place, it would also better their SQ. Majority of us men, when we're left with our babies at home we saying 'we baby-sitting' - how do u 'baby-sit' your own child?

Toys have no gender, well atleast Children's Toys... if they require a specific gender then they're no longer Kiddies toys but Adult Toys and are called 'dildos'

Boys are attracted to round spinning and moving things like cars soccer balls machine like toys  girls like shears glossy things like clothing hair and neat tidy things like dolls cups   combs brushes so how are you gonna make her play with a plastic gun pop.

'I grew up believing that I was going to usurp SUPERMAN one day, not become his beautiful and helpless wife but actually be SUPERMAN (with a womb).You see, I was raised by my uncle and grandpa and they raised me as a child not a girl child/future home maker and Im grateful for men like them '

my kids play with whatever you they feel like playing with , I don't have that problem if thinking they might be gay or lesbian.

What will one be implying by buying a child a toy gun? Now understand one thing guys , toys we expose to our children when they are young will have a huge impact when they grown. So we better know the right toys for our kids.... I don't think a well raised father can buy his son a doll ,a toy gun. 

You won't even buy a doll for a girl child because you will think it will encourage her to have a child ? And a boy no gun as that will make him own a gun n be a thug? 

I think as pare ts we need to buy our kids different toys and throughly explain to them how they can put good use to them than what the society may think.

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