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My parents kept hiding my phone from me, I have finally found it 15years later social media reacts


Back in the days parents did not approve their children to sleep with cellphones. These days young people go as far as taking theirs to school. A lady shared that when she was a young girl in senior phase her parents would take her phone and hide it.

She explained to hat they did not approve her to login on social media named Mxit back in the days. My mother hid my phone numerous times, until one day she tried to hide it and forgot the location. Today I have finally found my phone good as new she said. " I cannot believe how it happened this phone brings memories".

Photo credit: Facebook

She said sharing a picture 14years later, while some of our phones have been turned into toys. Some don't even know what happened to theirs. Good thing about keeping old items is memories, to find happiness one needs memories more than anything.

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