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If Your Above 35 Years, Here Are Factors You Should Consider Before Getting Pregnant As A Woman

Before, people used to think that women under the age of 35 were healthy and fertile enough to have children. Nowadays, more women opt to delay having children until they are 35 or older because they first want to establish themselves professionally, build careers, and amass riches.

Having a child after turning 35 does have some uncommon repercussions. Medical professionals believe that as women age, certain problems become more dangerous. So, before attempting conception after the age of 35, there are a few factors to consider. According to the Mayo Clinic, they are as follows:

1. A woman's age affects her likelihood of having multiple pregnancies, such as twins, triplets, etc. 1. There is a higher chance of having multiple pregnancies. She loses multiple eggs at once as a result of hormonal changes, which cause this to happen.

2. The chance of getting gestational diabetes is higher. The condition known as gestational diabetes exclusively affects pregnant women, and it is more common in older mothers. If this disease is left untreated, the mother may be more likely to give birth to an abnormally large baby, develop hypertension, or have a premature baby, all of which may increase the risk that the mother would suffer injuries during delivery.

3. The likelihood of needing a caesarean section increases with age; after the age of 35, women are more likely to have pregnancy-related issues that may leave them with no choice but to deliver the baby by caesarean section.

4. Pregnant women who are older have a higher risk of miscarriage. The likelihood of miscarriage and stillbirth increases with mother age.

These aren't causes to be alarmed; rather, they're warning signs that, if you're in this age group, you should be more cautious. Even at the age of 35, you can still give birth to a healthy child.

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