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Mzansi man becomes laughing stock after what he said to people with children

Mzansi man trolled after what he said about to people who have children:

- A twitter user recently made a bold statement on twitter that offended a lot of people with children. The young man who happens to have no child came forward to claim that having no children brings great benefits.

- The young man came out to claim that because he can condomise, he is enjoying the benefits of it, by buying himself expensive junk food and not stressing about stationery, Uniform le Di purity.

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The statement didn't sit well with many twitter users who had children as they weren't Von to thought that the young man was belittling them and making them feel under pressure.

Many twitter users went on share they're opinions on the matter and many of them went on to troll and make fun of him. The young man didn't even try to defend his statement with huge number of people making fun of him.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on this? Do you think people who have children have to limit themselves from setten things in order to afford what they're kids desire? Drop a comment, like, share and follow for more.

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