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Parents Should Be Aware Of A New Drug Which Is Sold To Children At School

This is just sad to see how people are desperate to destroy the life of young people. This kids deserve to be protected but instead they are destroying their lives. Our Children needs to feel save but instead they are not.It is very much important for a parent to look after their children. Though Some of the parents feels like it is the educators duty to look after their children. Some they feel like their children should be safe in the hands of the teachers. Not all the educators can look after your children. Some they are there for payment nothing more. Some of those kids they use their own money to buy those things. It is very much important sometimes not to give children money. You can prepare a lunch box for them. You can get all the things that he or she needs or loves and pack them nicely. It is not all the times where we can protect our children. Sometimes we should just let them be.

A young child from a small grade cannot be given money to buy at school. There are people who are selling drugs to children and it's painful. Those children buy those things thinking that they are buying sweets since they look like sweets. One of the parents already went through it because her son ate those sweets. They burnt his mouth and the woman took her son to the hospital and confirm everything. She has sent the picture of her son on all social media platforms to warn all the parents. If you look at them ,they look like sweets and you cannot think of anything. Some parents feel like it is always their duty to protect their children but you cannot protect them all the times. You cannot go everywhere with them. You will have to leave them alone to explore new things.

If a child sees something and they like they will obviously buy that thing and they do not know that it is a drug. Some of the parents will say that the educators are not doing their jobs. It is not easy for educators to look after all the children. Some children are stubborn and they can even beat up the teachers. Sometimes as a parent they should avoid giving their children too much money. They should normalise to give them lunchbox and this will help them to avoid eating things they do not know. It is not easy to be a parent but you cannot always be there for your children. When something bad happen you should not blame anyone just take responsibility. Some parents blame teachers for the things that they do not have control over.


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