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Road Accident

Tweeps Express Shock After Seeing This Trending Video Of An Incident That Happened Today

Today's trending video has left a lot of South Africans very worried about the kind of youths that are being raised in the country. The group is sun dancing on top of the bus and this has left many people are very speechless as they are wondering why there are even doing such a thing. It is quite clear that these children are looking for attention and this is the main reason why many of the times some parents do not allow their children to go out a lot as they are aware that they can be irresponsible.

The group was seen in many areas including Sherwood. They were driving with doors open and everyone hanging out of the vehicle while it was moving. The driver had literally almost all of his body hanging out of his wide open driver's door, while steering with one hand.

This may seem as something small or a joke to these children but it is very serious as they might even die due to the fact that this bus is being driven by another reckless person, while the light vehicle next to them is also being driven by their partners who are also as reckless as them. These children must be caught and detained at the police station for at least a day so that they will learn a lesson and never ever do such a thing in their lives because right now they are putting their own lives in danger as well as the lives of other road users.

This is the main reason why children younger than the age of 18 do not get a driver's licence because they tend to be the most reckless people especially when they are trying to get attention or please their friends. What's your take on this?

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