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Pregnancy period

Woman Who Was Pregnant For Six Years Shares Touching Story After Giving Birth To Babygirl

A woman who was pregnant for 6 years shares her heartbreaking story

The 37 year old woman identified as Taiwo Lawal stated that after she had confirmed her three month old pregnancy, she had dream were she was shot in the stomach.

She disclosed that the dream was more than just a dream the dream turned her life around, she began experiencing pains that she thought were symptoms of a miscarriage.

The doctors told her that the was no child she never lost hope that one day she will be a mother, few day later she started showing signs of labor but the doctor told her it was a false alarm.

In December she started showing the some signs of pregnancy, the obvious signs vomiting, these signs were mistaken for malaria.

The pregnancy was confirmed after going to the hospital, scans confirmed an 11 old baby girl, she deliver this year may 11.


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Taiwo Lawal


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