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Bheki Ntetha| Please Help Find the Mother of a Dumped Baby

Guys can you please help me make this picture trend I want the family of this child to see him, his mother dump him esiqangaqeni, for me it so painful to see this happening futhi abantu besfazane, please help share until the member of the family finds him. Post written by: Bheki Ntetha (Facebook)

Poverty damages one's brain, a mentally balanced person can't throw away a baby. We need counseling as a country, poverty has ruined us. If we can stop pointing fingers and be united to solve our problems this country could be a better place to live in. 

Can't we solve problems without politicizing and making a problem a gender issue, nohing can be solved as long as thez division amongst us. Let's raise our kids well, let's teach taking responsibilities of our doings, let's do away with judgements and show love that what ever the situation it's not the end of the world, when elephants fight the grass suffer the most. Above all let there be accountability for such behaviour in both parents, two wrongs don't make things right

Before blaming the mother find out if she is still alive, last week two kids were dumbed with clothes in a bush two days later their mom was found murdered, raped and some of her body parts were missing. Apparently the father of the children killed her, before jumping in to the conclusions find both the mother and the father something could have happened to her. As for those of you busy saying you want that child, stop talking make follow ups n adopt him or her. God we pray for the safety of the child and his parents may they be found both alive, because something does not add up, the child looks well taken care of

The baby looks like he was taken care of, i hope nothing bad happened to the mother, if not, why not give the baby to someone else. I hope the mother is ok. Oh Jehova

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Bheki Ntetha


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