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Parents Horrified To Find Toddler Trapped In Washing Machine

Lindsey and Alan McIver were awoken early in the morning by their four year old son. He was in tears and they soon discovered why he was so distraught.

The dad made his way down to the basement and Lindsey the mum immediately knew that something had gone terribly wrong.

The couple had just bought a brand new washing machine the day before and had yet to use it. They also warned their children not to touch the washing machine. They were horrified when they discovered their daughter trapped inside the front loader with the machine starting to spin and water filling up.

Luckily their little girl survived the ordeal and these parents wish to warn others to always watch their children.

Little children have curious minds and hands that don't stay still. It is important to make sure that they can't get themselves into situations such as this. Speaking to them on what is dangerous to them is very important.

When there's little children in the house that doesn't understand danger, the home needs to be child proofed.


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