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Pregnancy period

Life Is Precious It Doesn't Matter How It Came To Be So Don't Terminate Your Pregnancy

I am treading on sensitive grounds carefully choosing the right words in order not to offend anyone with the issue at hand. For those who already gave birth they will be in a better position to tell what they went through during their pregnancy, and I believe it was not an easy journey, but the end result brought joy into the whole family, and not to the parents only.


Sarah in the bible was barren, and I believe she prayed each and every day for God to open up her womb, so that she could conceive but God answered her prayers when she was stricken old, and she called her son Isaac because God made her laugh. Hannah on the other side due to her barrenness she made a vow to God if He will give her a son, she will dedicate him to the Lord, and that is the sole reason I believe a child is a precious gift from God.


Some women find themselves in a strange and painful situations, where they conceived through sexual abuse, and at the moment they need to make the most crucial and important decision of either terminate the pregnancy or keep the child. I will call her the child because God when he speaks on Matthew 1: 18 (KJV) he called the baby in the womb a child not a fetus.


My sister you are carrying life in your womb, and I know it did not come through love and respectable manner, but at this sad moment of your life, you are the Mother of the living. You are blessed among all women, and I know it does not look that way at the moment, but you are precious regardless of what happened to you. I beg you don’t eliminate that child. I know what I saying, is not an easy thing, but if you can understand that you are carrying life. My God will wipe off your tears and that child will become a blessing into your life. Seek all the available help to assist you to heal, but whatever you do don’t terminate that pregnancy.


Other women have conceived through what we come to call one night stand, and you too regardless of consent was granted, your situation is almost the same with the woman who was abused because it might be you were not prepared for this, and even the so called father is also not prepared. I will give you the same advice no matter what, you are the Mother of the living, and in your womb you are carrying a gift. It may not seem like it but you are blessed and I pray, that you see past everything and believe what you are carrying in your womb is not the devil, but it is the child of God.


Tell me what is the difference between you and the woman who the father of the child is denying the pregnancy. My sister even this woman she is still going through a traumatic stress because of foolishness of the child’s father. My sisters you are all facing some horrible situations, and I will like to take this opportunity and apologize on behalf of men, and say, I am sorry for all the pains we put you through and find it in your heart to forgive us for everything we did to you.


For those who conceived in a good relationship with the father of the child in support, and doing everything in his power to make your pregnancy a pleasant one. Do not mock or scorn those who are on the opposite side, but rather be supportive and the Lord God who is in secret will bless you in public.


I want you to remember you are the Mother of the living, and there is nothing so special on this world like you. I love you all and pray the Almighty God see you through whatever situation you find yourself in.


Do you feel I am just being unfair to you when I say, do not terminate?

What do you think?


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Lord Jesus Christ is God





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