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It's Been 12 Days Since 6-Year-Old Fell Into Manhole In Soweto

The little boy fell into an open manhole in a park while playing with friends in Dlamini, Soweto. A lot of people started blaming the parents for endangering their own children by allowing them to be playing at the park, but we can all understand that perhaps they didn't even know that there was a manhole at the park and they thought that the children would be wise to play away from it.

It's been 12 days and the heartbroken family is praying for the nightmare to end, at this point the survival of the child is questionable because there's been many days that have past already with the authorities trying to find the child or his body at least.

To at least know what happened to him but the general public is starting to think that there's more to the story than meets the eye, because the child has suddenly disappear and he is nowhere to be found in the system and this has to be something that has to be investigated until the authorities can find out exactly what happened.

There's more to the disappearance of this boy. It doesn't sound like he truly fell there, the boy must have been kidnapped or something. The kids really have to tell the truth if they saw him falling in there or they suspected that he did, and let's not forget that these evil doers can intimidate the kids and force them to lie.

We pray for the closer, hang in there family we know it's painful and unfortunately at this moment there's nothing that anyone can do but look harder, because there's no way that they will be able to find each other and that is the problem that they are facing at the moment.

My inticst are telling me that this issue has another version, I am really convinced that the boy didn't fell in the man hole. I think its high time we should engage police and intelligence security agencies to establish investigations, who had the primary evidence over the boy and the man hole?

This the most heartbreaking story and it shows the neglect of all spheres of government, we dont even have an accessible avenue to report missing drain covers. We have no government, we are running the country ourselves!

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