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Here are the reasons why some people cannot give birth

There are people who can't have children because in their hearts they want them but because they can't they don't have them.

But it turns out that some have not been made by God to not have children but they have been made by their parents.

And they can't have children with the intention of wanting them to take care of them because they know that if they have children they will take care of their children and they don't get anything from their children.

But those parents do not love their children because every parent must allow the child to be happy.

For others, they are made to believe that they do not have the power to create children because creating a child requires a man to have the strength to be able to give a woman a child.

some are bewitched and kill the womb so that it is not long to carry a child that is why some say they are pregnant and the womb just spoils the story, they are bewitched.

but such things, doctors and traditional doctors know how to help you find a potion so that you can tell if you are pregnant and if you have had sex if you have not yet reached puberty.

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