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Consolation results for your doings, but still be forgiven

Our parents would hard so that we as their childrens benefits in future. They take us please imagined and even bought us fancy things. Only in the name of love, and at what we do it becomes another story to tell. Some hides things they've done because parents are not there to lecture them. Some takes advantage because they don't stay at home full time. All in the name of varsity while spending time with peer pressure on top.

That day when you got accepted at varsity was the amazing day of your lives. Even when you left they even dropped some tears for. And over that you still can't pay a visit just to say hello. We turn to forget that those who gave us motives are outrageous to our lives. Everything parents do is based on love, no matter what happens their hands are way warmeif you've made a mistake, misunderstanding and been misleaded. Bear in mind that you will cry when they hear that you've failed.

Keep up with that promise you've prayed for your parents. Appreciate everything no matter big or small, because when I've told you so come. You will cry the crocodile tear. Never stuck on the middle, because helping others nothing will ever go well on you. Live fake live of brag about things you never comes oowk.

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