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How bad parenting lead to negative self perception

A bad parenting process is one where parents misstep things that will undoubtedly have negative lasting consequences on their children. It is the overuse of negative labels and shaming acts on the children that have a greater effects on their thinking and how they feel things.

The consistent use of negative labels and utterances such as name-calling deeply impacts a child’s sense of self confidence and contributes to long-standing negative self-narratives and self-fulfilling prophecies. One reason why a psychotherapist, Dana Dorfman, reasons that, a child self esteem and confidence is always a product of the parenting process pass through.

Shaming a child is a powerful to destroy and paralyzing emotion that becomes deeply embedded in the psyche and sense of self. 

But when shaming and and given negative labeling become a common tactic, children then begin to internalize and embody these negative messages.

The healthline story also corroborate the stand that, bad parenting will always have effect and determine the level of self confidence and esteem of a child.

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Dana Dorfman


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