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OPINION| So It's Okay for the Mother to Finish a Six Pack of Savannah in 30 Minutes ?

A bundle of joy is a blessing to any parent but when one boy decided to open a whole pack of yoghurt at a go, it became a different story. The post is going viral as parents from far and wide share similar funny food nightmares, one local networker responded: “Akawadle awaqede (let my child finish them) ~ BRIEFLY guess most parents pass that stage with the little cute creatures, after that they hate yogurt for sometimes, the child didn't commit any crime, this is just a part of growing up. The bundle of joy probably learned from the mother, that gender can finish a pack of savanna while dancing with it in their mouths. Like mother like son her mother can finish six pack of black label in less than 30 minutes. So we dont have to blame the child. And the mothers drinks those 6 packs they didnt buy

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