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A man Was Spotted Doing This In The Maternity Room- Look What He Did On The Bed

Many people were left in shock after they saw a photo of a young man in the maternity ward. This young man was imitating what women go through when they lay on the bed as they are about to give birth.

According to the African tradition, men are not supposed to know what happens in the maternity ward. Well this guy didn't want to keep the information all to himself but to let everyone know it. On the photos he can be seen laying on the bed position, his legs on the structures of the bed. This is a shameful thing that this man is doing, but to him everything is just a joke. He is not ashamed of his doing because what he does is just for fun. We all know what happens in the hospital is private and confidential, but not according to this guy.

To make matters worse, he decided to post this act of his on Facebook. Not all people are like him, so he needs to be taught a lesson by receiving a hefty fine for this. It's not clear if this man was in his good state of mind when doing this, but he actually knew what he was doing. What worries me the most is the person who was taking these photos, he or she was part of the plan. How could a man do this in a preserved area for women, it wonders as to where were the stuff when this happened. If it is possible that this room was empty and this man thought it was a good idea to do his thing.

Let's take a look at what some social media users had to say about his post.

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