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He Just Finished Building This Lovely House For His Parents In Limpopo

We might be living in the 21st century, and everything might look like it's going well for many people. We hardly see hut houses in some villages as many people have evolved and started building better houses. Some people can even argue that we are living in a generation where parents buy houses and cars for their childrens, not in a generation where parents rely on their children to change their bad situations. But situations are not the same, nor equal. There are some people out there who still live in poor situations. With much corruption and lack of employment in South Africa, these situations are getting worse. People can't even rely on RDP houses that the government are building because they are built at a very low quality. This is why some parents out there still rely on their children to improve their lives, and this guy has done just that

This guy shared three pictures of a lovely flat roof house that he has just build for his parents. He didn't really write too much information on the caption when he posted these pictures except that "he has also tried for his parents" and that "he is getting there". The house he built is really impressive, it doesn't have an expensive roof like many other houses, instead, expensive windows were used (aluminium windows) which makes this house really attractive

Another impressive thing about this house is the plastering mouldings that they have used in this house, and I must admit, the way in which they did it is just how I like it. I believe that if you do plastering mouldings on your house, you shouldn't do it all over the house. What I mean here is that if you use it on the windows, you should not use it on the corners of the house and vice-versa.


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