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5 Signs Your Kids Show If You Are Too Strict As A Parent

The high standards and obligations expected in parenting explain many adults' fear of getting into it. One of the major challenges of parenting is finding the perfect balance between things. It is important to understand that “excess” is not appropriate and is not enough. So a balance is needed for everything.

 No one is born with knowledge. We all need to learn. Sometimes the hardest exercises, compared to learning from experienced people who are successful on the path you are on. Seek advice from successful parents. And I don't mean rich parents with successful parents, but I do think of parents who have succeeded in raising good and quality children.

 1. Signs of withdrawal

 It should be a cause for concern when you see that your child is starting to get away from you. This is something that will eventually hit you if you are a bad parent. Your child may be stigmatized because of your stubborn parenting approach. But don't panic, it's never too late to fix it. Leaving children away from any parent is never a good sign, especially at an early age.

 2. Your child will be happy away from home.

 Another sign that you are a bad parent is having fun with your child while they are away from home. If your child is always open to sleeping and spending free time outdoors, outdoors, or in the company of friends. It would be worse if they had to lie to escape.

 3. Lying

 Lying can sometimes be very harmful. It hurts more when you lie to someone you love. Especially your children. It hurts when you lie to your son or daughter. Teenagers and adolescents lie to their parents when they are terrified of the consequences of their parent's reaction or engaging in unpleasant activities.

 4. Your children do not feel comfortable around you:

 When your children are uncomfortable around you, it's not really a good thing. Every time you come home from work and suddenly everyone comes home from work, they leave their favorite TV show. Not everyone is surprisingly comfortable at home. When your children are relatively in trouble, they start expressing their thoughts, laughing out loud, or talking to their friends.

 5. If children do not like to bring their friends.

 All children need rules, and all children are more likely to be drawn into a home with rules. But if you spend most of your time remembering the rules, criticizing your child in front of your peers and asking a lot of provocative questions. It may cause your children to stop making friends. If your child's play requests a return date and the other has no problem approaching you, you have succeeded in making your home the home you want children to live in.

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