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WARNING: “Parents, Guard Your Kids To Stay Away From this Drug Mix”- MEC of Safety Warns After This


Drug and substance abuse is one of the things that is ruining our children’s futures. The worst part is that they are even doing it at schools where it’s supposed to be their safe place. This is all because there is no corporal punishment anymore at schools. Back then, you’d never find a child bringing dangerous or irrelevant things to school because they knew they’d be given a beating for the rest of their lives. But nowadays, things have changed. Children do as they please because they know teachers won’t beat them. Children's rights are destroying our children's future; even the Bible states that when a child becomes out of control, he or she must be whipped, but look at what our children have become as a result of the absence of corporal punishment.




Following all that, another shocking news about school learners was revealed yesterday after MEC for community safety Faith Mazibuko paid a visit to Kitso Primary School, which is located in Evaton, yesterday. She went there to inspect learner health and safety but what she found out left her in shock. She was told that there’s a new mixture of drugs that children are using and it is really troubling them. It is alleged that they mix a cold drink with an allergex pill and drink it so that they can get high and hide. It was reported that one of the grade 7 learners was found with this mixture. See the photo below:




Indeed, this generation is cursed. We only expected drugs and substance abuse in secondary schools, but now that it has escalated to primary, it will be a very big disaster. Many children will drop out of schools in primary. After this was posted on social media, many people were heartbroken to see children drowning in their future. See some of the comments from social media below.





Well, it appears that prohibiting corporal punishment was among the worst rulings our government has ever had to make because, if you look around the school, you will see that students are smoking on school grounds, the number of teenage pregnancies continues to rise, and, as if all of that is not enough, teachers are being beaten by students who arrive at school under the influence of illegal drugs. I say the only way to end this is to bring back corporal punishment.


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