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How single parent instill discipline in children

Single parenting is full of challenges, too numerous to take care of or handle but always struggle to maintain the balance. A partner with children may find it more difficult to instill discipline because of many things that may be surfacing and reflecting.

And because of the emotional stress involved, some of the single-parent children engage in truant activities as a gesture to get the attention of both parents. 

But being a single mother can leave you wondering how to navigate the unknown avenues of single parenting and how one is facing the problems usually faced by single mothers, which is discipline.

It is a struggle and such struggles of being a single parent/mother often deplete the parent of all energy to pursue their interests, and solely focusing on raising those children to be responsible and prove a point to the other partner. While their children may also choose to give a solo parent an emotionally tough time than he/she expected, especially when they realize that one does not communicate with the other partner.

Funnily, these children always give parallel information for their selfish interests. One then needs to brace up, if in the shoe, for these single-parent issues and not let single-parent stress crush your spirit. 

Moreover, another problem of single parenting linking to discipline is the financial responsibility, as the extra financial burden may also limit the parent's time with them. Consequently, children left on their own with no proper guidance may develop defiant behavior, which inhibits disciplinary measures from a single parent.

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