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Strange things fathers do to their kids when no one is watching - number 2 will amaze you

Children are precious and are a gift from God. Many people are not able to have kids, so if you are blessed with a gift of having one, be share to give them all the love and care.

Women have love and care for their kids more than anyone could ever. Mothers can play with their kids the whole day without getting tired. Man however are different from women because they do not have the motherly love that kids are looking for.

Women should not easily entrust man with kids. Even though there are some man who know how to care for babies, some do strange things to kids when no one is watching. When a father needs to play video games, the child somehow suffers because he needs to do both at once.

It is not easy for a man to eat and carry a baby in their arms at the same time. The gentleman acted in the manner above.


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