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Pregnant foreigners MUST allegedly pay these BIG AMOUNTS to give birth at Steve Biko Hospital

A video of pregnant women sleeping on the floor at Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital went viral two weeks ago. This is due to the fact that the South African health care system is overburdened by foreign nationals. Hospitals around the country are struggling to keep up with the surge of pregnant women from outside. In South Africa, pregnant women from other nations go to give birth there for free.

That rumor has it now. In the words of Steve Biko Hospital, "It's time to stop." The hospital's maternity unit has purportedly said that all foreigners are now required to pay. They won't get aid if they can't pay. Now, the hospital charges a booking fee of R2 335, an actual birth fee of R8 542, and a Caesarean section fee of R11 603.

owever, my issue is whether or if they bill them before or after the service. I hope it's before they leave the hospital, otherwise you won't be able to find them once they've been discharged. Also, I'm unsure if they can manage such a lavish lifestyle given their precarious financial situation. In other words, the law states you cannot turn away someone who is seeking medical treatment, thus these ladies don't pay. Some hospitals held onto birth certificates until they were paid, but home affairs authorities are said to have sold the certificates to them when they attempted this strategy.

Many South Africans react:

@leratoNkole Gauteng hospitals have had this problem for a long time. Since most illegal immigrants arrive towards the end of their pregnancy to give birth in our hospitals, they cannot be turned away since it is a violation of human rights.

@888bmp If you're a foreigner traveling to another nation, you'll need medical assistance or medical insurance. In my opinion, there is no reason why they should be treated any differently from everyone else. The choice is yours: pay or go to a private facility. They've strayed too far from the letter of the law.

Similar to Charlotte Maxheke, although foreigners can get through the system. Because they know they can't be tracked after signing an IOU, they also admit themselves to the hospital as an emergency case, which means they can't be denied care.


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