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A Guide on How to Improve Your Child's Confidence

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Growing an unconfident child can make parenting uneasy, it's one of the most challenging things for parents whose child is not confident.

As a parent to such a child you deal with a lot, your child will be complaining about how other kids treat him/her, how they laugh at him/her and and and.

For a child that's able to speak and I believe this is the age when you get to see if your child is shy or not, confident or not. So a child that's able to speak will even tell you that he/she doesn't to go to school because of certain things that other kids do and that they just can't face. Your child will not want to mix with his/her peers because of their shyness and lack of confidence.

How do you help them improve as a parent?

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I believe that as a parent you can help your child grow their confidence and take them out of misery. I believe it is very stressful for the child to be constantly feeling bad, crying and not being free. If they don't get help at an early stage they grow with it and it becomes even harder to try and help them once they are older.

I recommend that you;

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1. Communicate with your child, ask them to be open to you about what bothers them and why does it bother them. Children are able to open up easily when they feel supported and understood by you.

2. Then let them know that there is nothing wrong with them. Compliment your child and make them feel special. This will create the mindset that you as their parent see nothing wrong with them and therefore they should not worry about what others think. If for example they are being laughed at because of their nose and you told them that they have a beautiful nose and that their nose is very cute, the moment they get bullied or laughed at they will remember what you said.

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3. Be your child's biggest cheerleader. When your child does something good, applaud them. Let them know that they did good and you noticed it. When you cheer them not only does it motivate them to continue doing good but it also builds their confidence. They get to know that they can do well. The same goes with when you compliment them for example when you tell them that they are beautiful, they will be confident in knowing that they are beautiful.

4. Create a spotlight for your child. By this I mean involve your child in activities that will cause them to stand up and in front of people. You can do this at home for example let your child stand and read a story book for the whole family. Let your child be familiar with constantly having to be the center of attention. This will help them to learn how to deal with their nerves. If they get used to doing it at home, when they get to unusual places they will be trained and they will now know how to copy with their nerves or not even be nervous because they are used being in the spot light.

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5. When your child say something incorrect or fail to do something do not laugh but instead correct them politely. Laughing at the mistakes of your child makes them to not wanna try. So if your child has not done something they will not want to try it because they will be afraid that if they fail to do it right they will be laughed at. The same goes with laughing at them when they say something incorrect, next time they will be afraid to say their mind as they will fear being laughed at if they say something wrong.

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