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OPINION | If You Want Your Child To Be Smart And Intelligent, Start Doing These 6 Things

One of the most complicated organs in the human body is the brain. The brain contains millions of neurons that form new connections every second. There's been a lengthy dispute regarding whether intelligence is inherited or acquired, and that's what I'll be looking at in this post. There are several things you may do to boost your child's brain and make him smart. Most parents are also interested in learning how to boost their child's intelligence, which is why I prepared this post.

Intelligence, like so many other elements of human behavior and cognition, is a complex attribute impacted by both inherited and environmental variables. According to these studies, genetic variables account for nearly half of the variance in IQ between people.

The mental capacity to adapt to new conditions, learn from experience, comprehend and manage concepts, and apply acquired information to affect and manipulate one's surroundings are referred to as intelligence. It's important to remember that no one is born with a bad memory; we all have trained and untrained memories. The human brain is one of the most complex organs in the world, and some activities can help to strengthen its connections.

According to studies, there are a variety of elements that can influence a child's intellect. During pregnancy, factors such as the mother's food, heredity, and emotions can have an impact on a child's intellect. A child's food and lifestyle can have a significant impact on his or her IQ. If you want your child to be intellectual, you can do the following things:

1. Feed the baby a well-balanced diet.

If you want your child to be extremely brilliant, you must pay close attention to his or her diet. Feed your infant healthful meals whenever he or she is ready to start eating solid foods. Certain foods are beneficial to a child's cognitive development. Eggs, green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds are examples of such foods.

2. Engage in some baby chat

It can substantially aid your baby's mental development if you converse with him. Communicating with your child aids in the development of self-esteem and confidence in the child. To improve your child's intelligence, always strive to involve him in conversational activities.

3. Read aloud together

Rather than reading to your infant, consider reading with him or her. One of the most powerful tools for stimulating a child's mental abilities is books. Every day, try to read with your infant. Complicated books should be avoided. Use brightly colored picture books.

4. Introduce your youngster to letters and numbers at a young age.

Before your child starts school, give him or her an early introduction to numbers and letters at home. When it comes time to learn, doing so will make it easier to understand.

5. Allow your youngster to socialize with other children.

When children interact and play with other children, they learn a lot. Little children's social contacts can also help boost their experiences and prepare them for life's challenges. Allow your child to play with other kids whenever possible.

6. Limit your screen time

There are certain extremely useful TV programs that can benefit a youngster, but don't allow your child to spend too much time watching television from an early age. Too much screen time might be hazardous to a child's brain and eyes. Hand activities should be prioritized because they aid to mentally excite a youngster.

No child is born with a brain that is dull. You will observe your child's IQ grow if you follow all of these suggestions.

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