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Preparing for pregnancy

"My friend recently found out she's six months pregnant while on contraceptives" a lady shared.

Surely you have heard that it is possible for one to fall pregnant and only find out when the baby is about to arrive, some people don't even experience any signs of pregnancy as they day go as usual. Sometimes using contraceptives doesn't guarantee one that they won't fall pregnant, any thing is possible. 

A lady recently took to social media to share about how her friend recently found out that she has been pregnant for six months now. She captioned her post: "My friend recently found out she's six months pregnant. Worse because she was on contraceptives 😭". 

Her post caught a lot of people's attention as one of the people who saw her post even commented by saying: "Lmao it’s very important to test for pregnancy every day. Doesn’t matter if you last did it a week ago/ a year ago, test. These pandemic babies do not respect the universal laws of biology. 

We are not safe. Test daily. Then after drink water to drown it. You can never be too sure." what you do if you are a woman and you find yourself in such a situation or you are a man and your partner is in such a situation? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button. 

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